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For the World is Hollow
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Friday, December 15th, 2006
10:34 pm
Archive post for Oct. 18-Dec.15
I don't like this. This stupid kitchen is NOT where I am supposed to be, and these stupid students AREN'T who I'm supposed to be with. I'm supposed to be having tea with Mother and her china doll collection. Someone is playing a trick on me. I hate it when people play tricks on me. I WILL KILL THEM ALL SOMEDAY. MOTHER AND HER DOLLS SAID SO.

And as MUCH as I hate that stuffed-shirt Kuchiki and that Shihouin SLUT and that pervert mortal she's snogging like there's no tomorrow...I hate that slitty-eyed fox FREAK even more.

And I hate it when people watch me eat.

And I hate Shihouin's cooking.



Current Mood: morose
Sunday, November 5th, 2006
12:50 pm
Archive post for Oct. 6-Oct.17
I made the most BEE-YOO-TI-FUL entrance EVER into Kuchiki and Abarai's wedding (Really, this director lady has such wonderful things--like hydraulic lifts--at her disposal!) and you'd THINK the stupid little children would have brains enough to be awed and humbled that I'd graced them thusly, and even favored them with a SONG!! (Only Ginnie-poo gets to hear my mellifluous voice, usually!) They even ATTACKED me, the artless cretins!

But I'll get them baaaaa--Hey what's going on here??? We had a DEAL dammit! AND I'M AN EVIL OVERLORRRRRRRRRRRRD!!!!!!!

Current Mood: artistic
Thursday, October 5th, 2006
10:51 pm
Archive post for Sept. 10-Oct. 5
Oh me oh my, the setting for the Abarai-Kuchiki wedding is just so GORGEOUS that it almost makes you wish it wasn't being held at swordpoint, and that it might actually be legally valid afterwards...but we can't have everything in life, now can we~~~?

At any rate, it'll be a legal marriage once I'm formally Dictator of the World, even though they'll both be in shallow graves by then <3<3<3

Current Mood: giggly
Saturday, September 9th, 2006
10:54 pm
Archive post for August 14-September 9

That little Vaizard girl turned out to fit PERFECTLY into a thong and pasties, and Byakuya turned up with a sour expression on his face that just guaranteed he'd be an utter joy to torment! They were both positively spitting mad after a few little mentions of miscengenation and dancing in four-inch heels ^^ Oh, but then that naughty little boy Vaizard had to swoop in a carry my fun away, and the producer needed me for an urgent conference, but to judge from the screaming I can hear right now, there's been some mischief afoot even without my help!

And now it's WEDDING TIME! More cakes, more garters, more forced attendance, and MORE FUNFUNFUN FOR MEMEME!

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, August 13th, 2006
9:42 pm
Archive Post for July 7-August 13
Oh, it's been such a wonderful trip through this world!

First, I got to meet this world's charmingly sadistic ruler, and we agreed on a few ways to improve the dramatic tension in the lives of everyone here <3<3<3 (Of course I was plotting how to one day depose her or make her my minion, but until I can get that army of Arrancar back...nothing wrong with keeping myself entertained!)

And then when I got back on set, the very first person I ran across~~~~~! It was one of those energetic little Vaizard children, and she had abosolutely NO memory of who or where she was....PERFECT PUTTY TO BE MOLDED IN MY KIND LOVING HANDS.

So of course I set her up in a job she was eminently qualified for: stripping at the local gentlemen's club! And I still had time to send a little love-note off to Byakuya requesting his presence, because I WILL arrange a marriage within his family, by hook or by crook!

Oh, this wedding will be a sight to seeeeeeeee!!!!

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, July 6th, 2006
10:29 pm
Archive Post for June 4-July 6
Well, not so much happened this month as last, but it ended on a much higher note~~!

After that nasty vacuum cleaner business, I found myself in a world that quite clearly appreciated my particular wonderful qualities far better than the last. I got to be all mysterious, and vicious, and insane, and to freak out TWO PEOPLE AT ONCE! Ryuzoji-kun was a piece of cake, of course (he's SO exciteable), and Abarai-kun has such BIG buttons that it's almost no fun to freak him out.


So, now whom should I pick on~~~? Oh, but of course! Where there's a wedding, there's CAKE!

Current Mood: mischievous
Friday, June 9th, 2006
1:22 pm
Diary entry for April 20-June 2
My oh my...so much has happened since the last time I sat down to write!

The first sign something was a little strange is that we didn't actually make it back to Hueco Mundo. I found myself in a very narrow place, watching an adorably cowardly teddy bear swear loyalty to a very delusional gentleman with a snake in his head. (And I was wearing a helmet that I never would have picked out in a million years...the plastic bucket look really isn't my thing~~!)

Naturally, I had to correct the poor little plushie's mistaken beliefs, and in the process managed to acquire a very, very amusing new jester! Go me!

The location, however, was so restrictive that I felt we needed to change things up a bit, so we ended up somewhere very near and dear to my own heart! Unfortunately, it was also full of people who just DON'T appreciate my incredible genius.

And that horrible helmet kept messing me up when they started attacking me! My spells went all funny, and my swordfighting looked like a two-year old with a table knife! OHHHHH! I'm going to melt that thing down niiiiiice and slow when I get home...

And they just kept coming! Honestly, American Idol would be glad to get the kind of public response I do! Although the helmet does seem to deflect attacks without any action from me...perhaps I should have it scientifically investigated, rather than melted?

And then I said something very, very strange...not that Ryoka isn't interesting as humans go, but he's a bit too dense and earnest for me to want to claim credit for him.

And where in the world has Ginnie-poo gone??
Monday, May 1st, 2006
9:48 pm
Diary entry for March 28-April 19
My my my, it's been a busy day! (Although we don't actually have 'day' in Hueco Mundo, it's all sort of dim and broody. Very good for eeeeevil plots! Very bad for sunbathing!)

It all started when Ginnie-poo got just a tad bit bored and decided to step out for a walk, maybe terrorize some of the puny mortals along the way. And that was such a nice idea that I just had to join him!

And then we got our first bit of real excitement--a chance to observe something we'd only heard of in reports! Apparently there's a new bunch of critters about that can change their shapes to look like whomever they want, and just as we were preparing to step out one came to visit us in the form of my little Momo-chan! How very sweet! How nice an opportunity for vivisection~! (OH, and I need to remember to pencil some S&M time in on Tousen's time card for next week...ah, the perils of upper management!)

Too bad it went *poof* before we could make any incisions--but the disappearing trick alone was worth observing!

So then of course we just had to go down to Earth to follow up this lead! We found the shapeshifter at just the most perfect moment possible! It took Momo's form again, in the home of one of Karakura's many high-reiatsu residents, and facing off with one of the ryoka and Zaraki's ambiguously gay! chrome-domed third seat! The shapeshifter exploded when he killed it--ohhhhhh, it was inspiring to watch! I need to find out who is behind these creatures, kill them, and take over control of them, they're just so darn cuuuuuute!

Oh and then for the highlight of the day: GIN AND I HAD RASPBERRY PIE IN THE NICEST LITTLE BISTRO YOU'VE EVER SEEN. And they served it with whipped cream and a mint leaf~!

Ahhhhhhh, but one can only play for so long, alas! Time to be on our way back to Hueco Mundo now! Grimmjaw better not have hatched any plans in my absence, or his sweet lil' ass is toaaaaaaaast!

Current Mood: chipper
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